Astana City

Astana is like a flower which grew and blossomed in the midst of empty steppe. A small provincial town of the 90s in just ten years turned into the ultramodern capital of a new independent Kazakhstan. I
The city has become one of the largest business centers in Kazakhstan. Nearly 200 thousand subjects of small and medium business are running at the moment. Moreover, Astana is world center if interreligious communication, peace and creation. The city is the only and constant host of world religious summit. There were also held events like: The Congresses of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions, OSCE Summit, the jubilee summits of the SCO and OIC.
In early 2011 Astana also hosted VII Winter Asian Games. In 2017 Worldwide exhibition EXPO-2017 was held in Astana.
Architectural concept of Astana is Eurasian style, harmoniously combining the cultural traditions of the West and the East. The author of the plan was led famous Japanese architect Kise Kurokawa.
Astana is the leader in terms of construction in the country. Over 30 million square meters of housing was built in the city in last 10 years.
The stream drive and dynamic growth of the city motives and drives everyone. Come and check!