Charyn Canyon (or Sharyn Canyon in Kazakh) is a unique natural masterpiece, built of sedimentary rocks with more than 12 million years historical and natural changes experience. Local call it “Kazakh Grand Canyon”.
It is a scenic natural place, which strikes with its bewitching landscapes. The depth of the canyon is 200 m. The height of the sheer mountains of the canyon reaches 150-300 m. The landscapes here are truly amazing. At sunset, when the sun goes beyond the horizon, the canyon Charyn is painted in scarlet, pink and orange colors. Around the silence and only from below you can hear how the violent streams of the Charyn river beat against the steep cliffs. This spectacle will stay in your mind forever.
Moreover, it is a great hiking area with yurt camps. For those who would like to save their calories in the body there are ATV-s, buggy and jeeps are available.