Ascension Cathedral (Zenkov Cathedral) is the architectural phenomena, which still gives to many to scientists, architects and historians reasons to explore the building. It stands out numerous earthquakes and two huge floods and two wars.
It is astonishing colorful building, painted by famous and talented Russian artist N.G.Khludov, who worked on the inner interior of the church. Paintings of dozens of saints adorned the inner walls of the cathedral. During the renovation in 1995 there were more 80 kilograms of gold used for the decoration of the cathedral.
The building is surrounded by many different mysterious legends: some say that the wooden building is that it was erected according to a unique ancient technology, practically without any nails; some say that it is stands thanks to its spiritual power. However, it attracts many pilgrims and tourists from all over the world.
The cathedral is located in a green Panfilov Park of Almaty. People call it Zenkov Cathedral thanks to its architect.
The building had changed its functions five times and finally since Kazakhstan got its independence it is functions as a Church inasmuch the country is religious free and at the same tolerant and supportive to all kind of official religions.